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3D Dental Scanner

The Future of Orthodontics - Today.

An accurate impression is key to effective treatment planning and orthodontic care. The iOC 3D Dental Scanner captures the contours of tooth and gingival structures, producing an accurate digital orthodontic scan in just minutes.

Benefits of Teeth Scanning:

  • ELIMINATES IMPRESSIONS, the most invasive procedure in orthodontic care.
  • SUPERIOR ACCURACY with no distortion from patient movement during set, removal of impression, or disinfection.
  • ONSCREEN VISUALIZATION allows for immediate adjustment to create the ideal orthodonitc scan the first time.
  • INCREASED PATIENT COMFORT as it eliminates the goop and gagging that comes with traditional impressions.
braces Dental Scanner

The Teeth Scanning Process

Teeth Scanning braces

Step 1: Scanning

The orthodontic assistant scans the patient's dentition and palatal areas if required. Our Exclusive Invisalign® Integration is a perfect complement to our Invisalign® services.

3D Dental Scanner

Step 2: Immediate Visualization

The model is built in real-time, providing immediate feedback for patient and parent consultation.

Dental Scanning

Step 3: Digital Impression Review

Dr. David R. Boschken reviews the patient's highly detailed dental model for optimal treatment planning.

Teeth Scanning

Step 4a: Bonding Appointment (traditional braces)

If proceeding with traditional braces, Dr. David R. Boschken will order special bonding trays, which help ensure ideal bracket placement.

Dental Scanning

Step 4b: Invisalign® Patients

3D Dental Scanning is a perfect compliment to Invisalign® treatment. Dr. Boschken will order a set of clear, removable aligners. See the Invisalign® section of our website for more information.



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3D Dental Scanner FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the iOC 3D Dental Scanner.

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About Dr. David R. Boschken

Professional Highlights, Education + Invisalign® Credentials.


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